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Kevin Estela Wilderness Education

Here you will find testimonials about Estela Wilderness Education and Kevin Estela.

“Who am I to be giving Kevin a great testimony to his abilities and skills. First off I would like to tell you that I have been involved with teaching Wilderness Survival for over 59 years. Also I ran a most successful survival school up here in Northern New York for 27 years. During that time I have met many in the field including the now deceased Ron Hood who in my opinion was one of the best. Also during that time I have met a lot of phonies.  I even had some of them work for me as they talked such a great talk that in the beginning I was quite fooled. Anyway I just wanted to give you some of my background as to why I feel I am qualified to endorse Kevin Estela.

I first met Kevin in 2006 in North Carolina. Both myself and my wife were quite impressed with his enthusiasm and desire to learn more,  although he already had a considerable background  in wilderness survival. Later that year he attended one of our week- long survival programs and did so well that we talked about him coming on staff as a journeyman instructor. He did and within a year he became a full instructor. The third year with us he became our lead instructor. Quite an impressive record.

If you are considering taking a  wilderness course you won’t be able to find a better, more knowledgeable instructor anywhere. Beside his abilities he also has a knack for making teaching fun and enjoyable.”

Marty Simon

Owner/Director of the Wilderness Learning Center,  Chateaugay, NY

“We at Bark River Knives know Kevin Estela as a helpful adviser, a top notch reviewer, and a great friend. He has helped on many internal projects over the years and was an integral part in developing our “New England” style handles. He has proven to be a well of knowledge that we frequently tap. Kevin is a big help at our events. We look forward to continuing and growing our relationship with him for years to come.”

Jacquie Stewart  on behalf of the Stewart family Bark River Knife and Tool Owners

“Here at Self Reliance Illustrated we are happy to call Kevin Estela not only a contributor to the magazine but also a friend. He has written several informative and well-received articles for us. Kevin always has new ideas for articles and provides vital information for our readers.”

Michael Henninger Editor-in-Chief of Self Reliance Illustrated

“Blind Horse Knives has found Kevin Estela to be a great friend and instructor. He is a wilderness expert who has shared his knowledge with us on our radio show. We would gladly head out into the woods with Kevin any day!”

L.T. Wright and Dan Coppins Owners of Blind Horse Knives

“Kevin is an impressive guy and a good friend.   He’s one of those guys that obviously enjoys life and likes to have fun.   He is however not one of those guys that can sit around a camp fire and tell stories about other people, because his adventures and stories are all his.   He’s a good guy to know, hang out with and you know no matter what situation you find yourself in, he’s one of the guys you want by your side.”

 Tom Sciacca

President of CampingSurvival.com

“Kevin’s skill and knowledge as survival instructor is only overshadowed by his loyalty as a friend and his sense of humor.” 

Marc K.

“Articulate, intelligent and a very capable instructor with a great on screen presence.”

Mike Lychock, Retired Police Officer and Bushcrafter

“You will not find a more honest, patient, skilled and knowledgeable instructor than Kevin Estela. His passion for the outdoors and for teaching shines in each of his training courses. He is a true player in the game of wilderness survival.”

Guro Todd Jensen Integrated Personal Defense

“Kevin’s knowledge of the outdoors and wilderness survival are second to none. His instructing style is one that allows for all of his students to improve and gain confidence in their skills, regardless of  their experience level or goals. I have taken multiple courses instructed by Kevin and can’t wait for the next one.”

Andrew P. Student, Private Customized Weekend Course

                       “Thanks so much for everything Kevin, I learned so much and had an absolute blast! Hope to do it again soon!”

Joel Lambert Host of Discovery Channel’s Lone Target

On describing Kevin, “Wilderness guru, high fieldcraft munga munga and blade guy”

Ben L. 
Student on numerous courses

“I will say this yet again, Kevin Estela has way more energy than should be allowed! This course like all of the others I have witnessed was so jammed packed with information my brain hurts, I am again glad I took notes. I met some great people, thank you for bringing this class together. I am looking forward to seeing the progression of this series. I would also like to thank Big John and Lt Mike for all they do to keep things flowing, and sharing their lifetimes of experience and expertise! I hope others will be wise enough to tap into Estela Wilderness Education’s diverse instruction.”

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