Estela Wilderness Education is Alaska Bound

Alaskan Flag

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Alaskan Survival Expedition 2016

This summer, Estela Wilderness Education is headed to Alaska to pair up with Mark Knapp of Mark Knapp Custom Knives for an extended hungting/fishing/survival float trip on the Sag River. Along the way, Kevin will be testing and reviewing equipment for various companies, hunting and fishing for wild game and taking photographs/journaling the experience for upcoming articles. Mark Knapp is a seasoned Alaskan hunting guide and has planned an exciting adventure highly anticipated by Kevin and the publications he writes for.

Mark and Kevin met at BLADE show in 2015 and after Mark discussed the idea of testing the 1911 Combat Survivor in the field, he suggested Kevin visit. Kevin accepted the offer and has been planning the trip since. Since agreeing to coming to Alaska, Kevin has put the Combat Survivor Bowie through some intense testing and evaluation (soon to be an article for a major magazine in May). Both Kevin and Mark will use their skill sets in the field to present the most honest field test of a knife possible. Some major names in the outdoor industry have agreed to support this trip through providing equipment for Kevin and Mark to use along the way. The editors of the magazines Kevin writes for have also expressed interest in a number of articles inspired by this adventure and experience.

Map of Alaska

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The trip insertion will be on the Sagavanirktok River on an unnamed lake after meeting up in Fairbanks. They will float in a 13’ inflatable to pipeline haul road at pump station 3 where they will be extracted. Transportation will be by Brooks Range Aviation.  Gear selection will be critical as space will be limited and there is no room for failure along the way.

Alaska is considered to be the final frontier in the United States and there are many places in the state that have never seen a footprint. At this time of year, the sunlight extends long into the night. The expression, “land of the midnight sun” is appropriate for this reason. The weather will range from 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit but that can quickly change as weather extremes are possible in Alaska. Another consideration in this region of the state is bear safety. Alaska is home to the highest concentration of brown bear and Kevin and Mark will be traveling through this territory very carefully.

There is more to come about this trip in the months that follow. More details will be published and equipment lists posted. Keep up with Kevin’s readiness planning on his social media On Facebook, as well as on Twitter and Instagram @estelawilded

1911 Custom Knife Survival Bowie

Mark Knapp Custom Knives Combat Survivor from BLADE Show 2015

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