Suggested Links

Suggested Links:

“I will never recommend a product I would not use myself. Whatever I recommend is something I currently use or have used and can speak to its quality. You have my word, if I give a recommendation, it is a good one. ” Kevin Estela

SLIDESHARE– Follow this link to the PowerPoint handouts and slides I created while at the Wilderness Learning Center. Free materials on friction fire, navigation, urban/suburban survival and much more. They are free to download if you register and free to view even if you don’t. Please share them!

Animated KnotsA great online resource for learning how to tie various knots featuring animations of step-by-step instruction

Bark River Knives– Excellent knives well worth their price. Great variety, excellent customer service and the best warranty in the business.

Gossman KnivesScott Gossman is “the bearded one” and the man behind the company. Nice guy willing to make custom designs. Maker of the Estela Bolo.

Camping SurvivalAn excellent online store with thousands of products in stock. Paracord to MRE’s to Ferro Rods, you can find it all here.

DLT TradingAn online store for knives and tools. Located in Michigan, this store has a great price match guarantee and very low shipping costs.

Bush Survival Training- Back in 2016, the owner of Bush Survival Training, Joel, and I filmed a pilot for the History Channel. We were on opposing teams but we agreed we have a lot in common and there’s a lot of respect I have for this guy. Check out his website.

Center Line Systems- This is the manufacturer of the canteen carrier I use as well as the KeyDC I designed in late 2016. The owner, Mark, is a great guy and a veteran.

Sayoc KaliThe most complete martial arts system I have ever found covering mindset, edged weapons, empty hands, stick, stick grappling, firearms and much more.

Eagle Nest Outfittersa good modular hammock system. Simple and lightweight design.

Mountain KhakisRugged clothing cut with active wear and lifestyle in mind. Great attention to detail and style.

Kifaru International– The Kifaru Tailgunner pack series is highly versatile as are the Zulu pack and the duffle bags. 100% made in the USA hunting/military gear.

Heavy CoverIf you like the titanium canteen I use, this is where you can find it!

Equipped to SurviveFounded by Doug Ritter, this is a non-profit organization that strives to provide the latest survival industry news and product reviews. There are extensive emergency kit packing lists and many resources found on this site.

T4 Research Jonah G. is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in the kinds of kydex gear and firearms services he offers. He is also one incredible crack shot and marksman. He has a lot of experience in developing low profile gear and knows how to tweak firearms to their full potential. Robert H is a great guy who makes the only Kydex shoulder holsters I use personally. He has some great ideas and is an all-American maker.

Wilderness Engineering-This company produces the winter expedition sled (pulk) I use. Serious hardware for winter travel.

Maine Primitive Skills School-These guys know their primitive skills. Having attended their friction fire workshop and winter skills course, they are good at what they do. Very strong emphasis on primitive skills.

Jack Mountain BushcraftFounded by Tim Smith, this school teaches many traditional skills. I attended a Bushcraft weekend course. Tim  is very intelligent and an interesting guy to talk to.

Wenger Blades– Dave Wenger provided me with a couple blades a while back for a review. Ever since then, I’ve been a fan of his work. He is a Journeyman Knifesmith who does incredible work and is going to be a well-known name in the knife community.

Nine One One– Owned by my good friend, Former LAPD officer and Hollywood Technical Advisor Mike Grasso for all your tactical technical advice needs

Padi Scuba Diving– Don’t forget the wilderness is also underwater. This is the company who certified me in Scuba diving back in 2004.

National Rifle Association– A great resource for firearms instruction,  information and legislative action.

Thunderbird Atlatl– Bob Berg, the owner, is a stand up guy and his atlatls are works of art. I highly recommend his gear for primitive projectiles.

A+ Slingshots– I love slingshots and think the best on the market for overall quality, ease of shooting and packability is the A+ brand.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives– I personally carry the Ranger model. I never leave home without one. Paired with a firesteel lanyard and you’re better prepared than most of the population!

Mora Knives– Mora knives are inexpensive, lightweight, reasonably durable and very functional. There are many models available and they are a great knife for the budget-minded outdoorsman/woman.

Yeti Coolers– You won’t find a more durable or better made cooler on the market. Extremely well made and capable of keeping contents cooler longer than your average cooler. These coolers are perfect for extended trips away from civilization and the regular ice refill. Perfect for EWE courses.

Exotac– Owner Rob F. is a good guy and his products are very innovative. I’m a fan of his firesleeve in particular. Look for some interesting gear to come out of his shop in the days to come.

Fiddleback ForgeMade in Georgia, Fiddleback Forge is the maker of the KE Bushie. They are also the host of the Fiddleback Forge Blog that I write for on a regular basis.

Martin Knives If you are looking for a quality hollow handle knife, look no further than Martin Knives. MK provided the MCE2 blade for the Hope, BC First Blood trip in April 2015. Great people all around!

MaxTrax If you have ever been stuck in your vehicle with tires sunk into mud, sand or snow, these are for you. MaxTrax are the easiest vehicle recovery system to use. Highly highly recommend kit. A good investment for backcountry/overland travel.

North x North-Merino wool neckerchiefs and handkerchiefs. These guys are awesome and they are the Swiss Army Knife of cool-weather accessories.

The Hidden Woodsmen- If you’re looking for traditionally designed packs made with modern materials, Malcolm’s packs are probably the right choice for you. Made right here in New England.

Prometheus Design Werx– This company is located in California and they are fellow adventurers. They make an excellent watchband compass kit, Odyssey Pants (great field pants) and the best wool jacket/shirt you’ll find.

Streamlight– The vast majority of my flashlights are from this company. Dollar for dollar, the best around. From my EDC to those I carried in Alaska on my pistol, this is my top choice. Check out the TLR-1 HL