Professional Writing and Photography Services by Kevin Estela

Professional Writing and Photography Services by Kevin Estela

Kevin Estela is a professional writer with over 100 published print articles and even more online. For over 10 years, Kevin has been working with numerous companies writing reviews, website copy, and skills tutorials for online content. His printed written work has been featured in over a dozen different magazines and he is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after writers in the outdoor industry. Combining years of field experience and a wide range of subject-matter expertise, Kevin’s articles are authentic and stand apart from the rest of the pack.


Wenger Blades tomahawk

The Wenger Blades Grendel Double-Bit Tomahawk reviewed and photographed in Montana

Kevin prides himself on offering writing and photography conducted under real conditions. This has meant traveling to various environments and foreign countries to test products where they were designed to be used. Kevin also makes sure to get his hands dirty and speak from real experiences instead of hypothetical or imaginary situations. If the photos he includes in his articles look real, it is because they are. “Trusted information proven in the field” has become his writing and photography motto for good reason.

Kevin Estela photography

The Chris Reeve Knives Small Inkosi photographed by Kevin Estela for a magazine review

If you are looking for a writer who produces content others will talk about, Kevin is your man. Should you be interested in having Kevin work with your company, please review the information below. Make sure to read what others are saying about Kevin’s work and when in doubt, contact him at if you have any questions.


Tactical Solutions X-Ring 22 Rifle

Kevin Estela using a Tactical Solution X-Ring Take-Down Rifle for a firearms review in 2016.

Services offered:
Product Reviews
Training Event After-Action Reports
Original Bushcraft, Survival, Fieldcraft, Firearms Written Content
Lifestyle Articles
High-Resolution Large-File Format Photos
White-Background Photography
Customized Writing/Photography

Information and Fees:
*Unless previously approved, article placement is dependent upon the editorial department of each magazine. In other words, a guarantee cannot be made for placement in a magazine of your choice.

*Written articles for website or newsletter publication start at $500 for a minimum of 1800 words and 1-3 sidebars of 200 words each. All articles are supported by original high-resolution photography. ABSOLUTELY NO stock photography from photo websites and unrelated contributors will be provided.

*Equipment sent for review and/or assessment, unless specified, becomes property of Estela Wilderness Education,LLC and Kevin Estela for school and/or personal use upon completion of review/assessment.

*In some circumstances, equipment and services can be bartered in exchange for writing and photography.

*Should a product fail during testing and evaluation, Kevin will contact you in private to discuss revisions necessary for improvement. Only the updated product will be featured in the final review. Otherwise, the product will be returned and the article will not be submitted.

*Articles written follow a specific timeline from start to finish. Kevin will reach out to magazine editors to query the topic. If they approve, he is given a deadline to write the article by. Once the article is submitted, it may not be published for up to a year or more based upon when the editors slate it for. In general, print publication takes longer than website publication.


Kevin Estela with the MOTHER Canteen Carrier

Kevin Estela taking a water break while hiking the Na Pali Coast in Hawaii and, more importantly, getting that shot of real use in the field for an article on Center-Line Systems products.


What others are saying!

It has been our pleasure to work with Kevin Estela. His editorial and photographic contributions to our online blog and company on a whole has been a benefit everyone involved. His scope of practical and empirical experience and knowledge in field craft and outdoor-wilderness skills are insightful and highly useful to our audience. We look forward to more of his contributions in our ongoing collaborations and sharing them at large.”
Patrick York Ma, Founder, CEO, Creative Director
Prometheus Design Werx

“More than “just another guy” writing about gear, Kevin’s extensive knowledge and personal experience when it comes to outdoor, survival and weapons related gear and systems provides the reader with a much more accurate assessment of the product or technique in question.  His no-nonsense, real-world, end-user approach to his reviews and writing style provides readers with a much better understanding of how products/gear/systems can and should be utilized.  As a small business owner, Kevin’s insights and writing style are invaluable for their ability to communicate directly to potential customers exactly that which I intend with my product line and business philosophy.”

Mark Laine, Owner
Center-Line Systems

“Kevin Estela brings a level of expertise and trustworthiness uncommon to most gear reviewers. He puts products through their paces in regular and extreme environments so that one can rely on his recommendations if a product is worthy of use. It’s for this reason, we trust Kevin to thoroughly test our products and provide accurate feedback that we can take action on. If Kevin likes it, we know our customers will, too.” 

Chad North, Founder
North x North

“The outstanding aspect of Kevin Estela’s reviews is the obvious deep well of experience he possesses in actually using outdoor gear. Hard. He gets to the point in analyzing what makes our gear tick, and how it benefits the end user.”

Patrick Smith
Kifaru International

“Kevin has been writing a blog for me for several years now.  He is very creative about inserting my business into blogs that interest my market.  He has also taught at seminar style weekend event for my customers.  Having known him personally, it’s been fun to watch his enthusiasm when he teaches or writes.  The blog has been one of my most powerful marketing strategies, and working together has been very easy.  While I’m no judge of photography, knife pics are tricky, and Kevin takes professional quality shots.”

Andy Roy
Fiddleback Forge Knives

“Kevin’s articles and photos of my work have been a huge asset to my company. They have helped The Hidden Woodsmen reach a whole new audience. It has been a pleasure working with him. Kevin is a true professional.”

Malcolm Coderre
The Hidden Woodsman

“I enjoyed working with Kevin. He is very enthusiastic about what he does and  has an extensive background with a highly developed skill set that comes through in his writing. Kevin is known in the circle as a stand up guy that does what he says. I look forward to any opportunity I can get to work with him again.”
Brian Sargent
Sargent Edged Tools 

“Kevin is the ultimate professional. He communicates constantly and truly wants to provide the best insights for his followers. Over the years of working with Tactical Solutions, he’s consistently created rich and engaging content for the outdoor and survival enthusiast which has proven to be a win-win for both Tactical Solutions and our customers.”

Amy Shaw
Sales Manager
Tactical Solutions

“It was a pleasure working with Kevin to supply knives for the Recoil/Off Grid” magazine article. Kevin’s level of professionalism & field experience ensures his readers will receive honest review which all can benefit.”

Dave Beck
Beck Knives

“Kevin has been indispensable in getting my products in front of potential customers through his articles showcasing my work in American Survival Guide and RECOIL/OFFGRID. His excellent eye for photography, extensive field knowledge, positive personality and firm grasp on industry trends come together in his masterfully written articles. I have enjoyed working with Kevin over the past couple of years and hope my work is worthy of more features in the future! “

Dave Wenger, Owner
Kifaru Reckoning Pack

Kevin Estela loading a Kifaru Reckoning Pack on top of his roof rack. This photo was featured in a national magazine as part of a product review.

Again, if you are interested in having Kevin write or provide photography for you, please contact him at