PDF Files of Self Reliance Illustrated Articles

Here you will find PDF files of some of the articles written by Kevin Estela for Self Reliance Illustrated.

Estela Issue 4 “Stretching Your Survival Potential: Elastic Band Tools/Weapons”

“If you’ve heard me talk about my childhood, you’ve heard about the lesson my father taught me where we turned an umbrella into a dart launcher. In this article, I share a few different ways to utilize an elastic band to make game getting tools and self-defense weapons.”
-Kevin Estela

Estela Issue 8 “Are You Afraid of the Dark”

“At some point, you’re more than likely going to take someone out into the woods to share your passion with. If they’re skittish or reluctant to leave their comfort zone, you need to make their outdoor transition smooth. This article is all about helping the inexperienced find comfort in the outdoors through gradual steps.” -Kevin Estela

Estela Issue 9 (1) “One-Hand Fire Starting” 

“This was an article I wrote about how to light fires with only one hand. It is valuable if you find yourself injured or unable to use two hands to accomplish this task.” -Kevin Estela

Estela Issue 12 “Cold Weather Shelters”

“This takes a look at how to create shelters to beat the winter cold. I explain the basics of shelter making and how to use nature’s resources to your benefit.” -Kevin Estela

Estela Issue 13 “What’s In My Pantry?”

“I’m not one to regularly talk about my home preparation but this article was written for that very purpose. It is informative for the beginner prepper and offers insight into process of supplying your home for an emergency.” -Kevin Estela

SRI Issue 15 Estela Breaking Bread “Breaking Bread”

“Camp cooking is a skill every outdoors enthusiast should have. Food tastes great in the outdoors and good food tastes even better! This article was fun and delicious to write. Hope you pick up some tips and fill your belly with some of the ideas I present.” -Kevin Estela

Estela_SRI Issue 15 Adventure Abroad “Adventure Abroad: Trip Tips from a Traveling Outdoorsman”

“It is easy to let your guard down when on vacation. In this article, I share some of the awareness and security skills I have learned over the years from my father, from my Sayoc Kali training and from security professionals. It is a must read for any student studying abroad or any individual unsure of their own safety.” -Kevin Estela

SRI18 Bushcraft in Sweden- Lessons Learned in the Lapland By Kevin Estela“Bushcraft in Sweden: Lessons Learned in the Lapland”

“This is perhaps my favorite article I’ve written for SRI to date. It chronicles my trip to Sweden with my good friend John Brown. Words cannot describe how incredible this trip was but I think I did a good job describing how enchanting and moving the Northern Latitudes can be with this article. I’ll never forget this trip and thanks to this article, I have a record of just how incredible it was!”
Kevin Estela

SRI18 Cold-Weather Paddling By Kevin Estela“Cold-Weather Paddling”

“If you know me, you know I love canoeing and kayaking. My roots are in paddle sports. Just because the weather gets cold doesn’t mean you have to hang up your paddle for the season. Here I share some of the tips and tricks needed for extending your season. Read about the knowledge that will keep you safe while venturing out on the water when others will not.”
Kevin Estela

SRI20 What’s in my Pack_ By Kevin Estela “What’s in My Pack”

“I’ve been asked many times what do I carry in my pack. When discussing emergency kits during courses, we dump the contents of our packs and discuss why we carry what we carry. Some of the best ideas about specific gear has come from this type of discussion. I decided to document what I carry for SRI so others may learn from the gear I’ve decided to carry. I hope it works for you.”
Kevin Estela

SRI 21 Teaching Friction Fire Skills “Teaching Friction Fire Skills”

“If you have a skill of value, you shouldn’t keep it to yourself. I believe this to be true in every field. It is important to be able to share knowledge in a transferable way. This article gives a glimpse into the methods I use. As a bonus, it was also the first time I made the cover a magazine. BOOOM!”
Kevin Estela

SRI22_Estela_HumphreyKnife “Lon Humphrey Pioneer Camp Knife”

“Lon makes some really gorgeous knives and they feel great in the hand. Lon is a stud, a guy’s guy, and a great friend. We’ve hung out in Michigan and at BLADE show and chat back and forth online all the time. He stands by his products and is earning quite the reputation for his production blades and those he makes to advance his skills in the ABS. In addition to being really talented, he is hilarious!
Kevin Estela

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