November 2015 (THE FINAL BLOG POST!)

Sunset on Little Tupper Lake

In Oct. 2015, Kevin traveled to Little Tupper Lake to scout for a new canoe-camping destination. The sun may be setting in this photo but it doesn’t have to set on your education.

November 2015 

This is it. This is the final Blog of Education post friends. Don’t cry. You should only cry out of pain, not emotion even if it is hard to refrain from sometimes. I started the EWE Blog of Education 2 years ago to provide an outlet for my ideas and to address questions posed to me by my students and social media followers. 24 posts later, I’m throwing in this towel notwithstanding the positive feedback and I really appreciate those of you who have shared the EWE Blog links on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. As a Writer, I’m getting tasked with more and more assignments that are consuming more of my time. I have to dedicate my energy elsewhere in order to continue growing and reaching a larger audience.This blog has been fun to write, it has even been therapeutic at times, and the intent has always been for educating and the promotion of learning. After 2 years, this…is…it. Or, is it? Even though this blog is ending, the learning process never has to so here is my final charge, BE A STUDENT FOR LIFE.When I was a child, and even to this day, my father taught me this lesson and that is something I have never forgotten. I suggest you follow suit and never settle for knowing just what you are told, seek out information for yourself and become an independent thinker.

In the past couple years, I’ve been busy in traveling, training and in promoting the companies who have been extremely generous in providing equipment to use in courses and seminars. I feel blessed and am really enjoying all that is happening. I’m even more excited for some of the upcoming projects I’m working on. As these opportunities to broaden my skills present themselves, I make sure to remain focused on continual growth and never settling. In working with new products, traveling to new destinations for business/pleasure and researching history for articles, I’ve stayed true to the idea of being the constant student. I’ve grown to a point now where I must redirect my energy and push myself to accomplish different goals. This means making difficult decisions including ending this blog.  As I seek growth, I urge all of you to do the same as well. Growth, generally speaking, can be good or it can be bad and can be interpreted in many ways. It can make you stronger and wiser or it can spread you too thin. Learn to identify positive growth and pursue it. Read more, seek out opportunities for unique training and be willing to work with those who offer skills and knowledge that will enhance your life. Avoid growth that is disruptive. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and don’t grow because you are pressured by something or someone else. Also, don’t be afraid to cast away what is preventing you from growing as long as you can get it back if you want it again. Grow in the direction you want to and never settle for less than you’re worth or for less than you want. Settling is not the right word, grow until you are content and no longer want to grow because you have found happiness. Then, foster growth in others.

Heckler Koch HK45 with spare magazine

For writing projects in 2015, Kevin learned how to take seamless background product shots. There is always something to learn.

As previously stated, It took a while to decide on how to wrap up this blog. For two years, I’ve been good about turning these around for the first of the month or within that week but this one is closer to December than it is October. Trust me, there are many words that will be left unsaid when I publish this and as much as I read through this, I know I’ll want to say more or think I should have said something else when it goes live. This is why it has taken me half the month to decide on what to write. Rather than delving deeper in an attempt to explain my writer’s block and boring the hell out of you, let me say this, don’t think of this send off blog post as a conclusion, think of this final charge as a new beginning.  It’s never too late to become a student and it’s always the right time to learn something new. Pick up an edible plants book, learn a new way to create cordage, train in a martial art you’ve only seen or heard of, do something to make yourself better today than you were yesterday.  As this year ends, think about all the possibilities for learning in 2016. There is always something you can improve upon. Seek continual progress, not perfection.

In closing (even though this isn’t truly closing), my sincerest thanks to all of my supporters including my family, friends, Sayoc Tribe, students, product manufacturers, readers and all those who push me to do more. Your continued guidance and words of encouragement have kept me honest and hardworking. It is because of you, I do what I do. You make me stronger. I too will keep on learning, growing and sharing what I find helpful to my readers here on, in the pages of the magazines I write for, seminars and courses I teach and elsewhere in person. I’ll never stop being a student for life. I hope you’ll do the same.

Kevin Estela and Dave Beck

Kevin Estela and Dave Beck of Beck Knives. Dave is one of many new friends made in 2015 and someone to continue learning from and with. Dave provided Kevin with a custom WSK aluminum trainer that matches his WSK Model G blade.

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