Land Navigation with Map and Compass

Land Navigation with Map and Compass

This one-day (6 hours plus) comprehensive seminar provides the outdoorsman with the navigation skills and knowledge for safe backcountry travel. Weather permitting, students will learn how to use natural indicators of direction, learn pacing for distance calculation and spend a shared amount of time in the classroom and in the field. The course is broken down into map reading, compass use in the field and the combination of map and compass use in both the field and classroom. Participants will learn to use  their navigation tools independently and combined in this seminar to replicate a real scenario where one or both may be lost or damaged.

This course really tests student skill. It is also the course that will help students stay found and avoid emergency situations from turning into survival situations. From learning how to properly use shadow sticks to learning how to navigate through dense brush, this course covers many navigation skills in a compressed amount of time.

This course has no pre-requisite. It is great for those who rely on map and compass in the field. There is little physical activity during this course but students should be prepared to work in the field in any weather condition including rain. A full-list of equipment required will be sent to pre-registered students but generally the bare minimum students should bring to this seminar is a good working compass, note pad and pencil/pen, water and snacks and appropriate clothing and footwear.

Please note: This is not a speed orienteering class. Students will learn to use map and compass efficiently and accurately. In an emergency or when it matters most, wilderness travel should not be rushed. Also, GPS unit use will not be covered in this course. They require batteries and like any gadget, they are prone to breaking and failing when you need them. This course is meant for individuals who wish to  learn essential navigation skills.

Cost: $75