January 2015


Kevin Estela in Norway January Blog of Education

Kevin atop Preikstolen in Lysefjord, Norway

January 2015
Blog of Education

Well folks, another year is behind us and what a year it was! I’m extremely thankful and grateful for all my students, readers, friends, supporters, Marty, Big John, Lt. Mike, Ben L. and followers on this website, Facebook and Twitter. I’m sure I’m missing some people and that is entirely accidental (Now I know what those celebrities feel like at the Oscars giving their thank you speeches under the wire). You are the reason why I continue to work my tail off traveling and training, researching and writing, presenting and speaking. Because of you, I’m focusing on ways to reach even broader audiences, introducing outdoor skills to even more good people and improving your preparedess in an uncertain world. When I started Estela Wilderness Education, I was passionate about sharing knowledge of the outdoors, bushcraft, survival and protection skills. After a year like I just had, my passion is burning more than ever and I’m laser focused for 2015.

Kevin Estela In Costa Rica

Kevin Estela in Costa Rica, Summer 2014.

2014 was a busy year. Here is how it breaks down,

Courses and Events Held:
Budget Bushcraft
Private Dads and Daughters Weekend Course
American Survival Skills (Initial offering)
Military Appreciation Weekend (Initial offering)
2nd Annual Wilderness and Wellness Field Day at the Environmental Learning Center of CT

Costa Rica
Northern California/Tahoe
Return to the Saco River Conway, NH (EWE Associates Trip)
Las Vegas, NV

Specialized Courses/Speaking/Events:
Yale School of Forestry Commencement Weekend Training
Gossman Knives Emergency Overnight (Whiteford, MD)
Environmental Learning Center of Connecticut Summer Staff Training
Adirondack Sportsman’s Dinner (NY)
Atienza Kali Hidden Agenda (PA)
Smith Clove Park Nature Walk and Survival Skills Overview (NY)
BLADE Show Atlanta, GA (Attended as Media)
Wilderness Learning Center P.E.A.C.E and W.A.R.
USMAA Bellingham, WA Private Survival Course
Battle Horse Knives Battle of the Blades Show  (OH) (Debut of the BHK Estela Designed Fieldcrafter Knife)
Vermont Outdoor Guides Association DOE Camp Winter/Fall Numerous Seminars

Published Articles and Online Content In:
Self-Reliance Illustrated including First Cover Issue 21
American Frontiersman
Survival Edge Premiere Issue
Personal and Home Defense Magazine
Joel Lambert.com (Host of Discovery Channel’s Show, Lone Target)
Pressure Project with Master Chim Episode 54
Mountain Khakis Professional Ambassador Blog

In addition to all of this, I was busy working with various companies behind the scenes reviewing gear and offering my advice to improve designs. I held fundraisers to draw even closer to making the Estela Wilderness Education Fund at the Main Street Community Foundation permanent (At the time of writing this, it is approximately $1000 away from goal). 2014 was also an exciting year in terms of my martial arts training. I ranked up in Sayoc Kali to Associate Instructor Level 1 and earned stripes on my blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Sifu Chris Smith at IMBCT. Looking back on 2014, I’m proud of my accomplishments and there is much more ahead. The wheels are already set in motion for a few projects and I’ll be announcing the travel and training for 2015 soon!

Last year at this time I wrote of the reset. I explained the need to start fresh. Well, the same reflective ceremony takes place again this year in preparation for 2015. Before an arrow is launched forward, it must be pulled back. So during this time of year, I briefly look back on what was accomplished before focusing on launching toward new goals like an arrow. It has been through examining the events of 2014 I have decided to focus primarily on writing. I will still offer the occasional course here and there but I want to continue sharing my knowledge in more print media. I’m also going to offer 6 free overnight weekend trips throughout the year. These will be theme-based and open to anyone. Furthermore, I’m currently scheduling private courses and group seminars. If that isn’t enough, look for an even more visible presence online. 2015 is already shaping up to be an exciting year and I hope you can be part of it! Thank you again.

January 2015 Blog of Education

Kevin Taking in Tahoe!

Guys and gals, make plans to improve yourself in 2015. Take your skills to the next level by cross training in a skill that makes you feel uncomfortable, improve your skills by handicapping yourself, teach someone a skill you know and see your skills improve. Travel somewhere new or revisit your childhood destinations and see them through adult eyes. Just don’t focus too much on the past year. Reflect on it to help you decide where you want to be a year from now. Make a good plan and set the wheels in motion. If you need even more direction, consider hosting a course or becoming an EWE training group leader. See how you can incorporate good training in your mental and physical preparation. Set your goals high and see yourself accomplishing them. To quote sports psychologist, Gary Mack, “Limits begin where vision ends”. Don’t put limits on yourself.

Where do you see yourself a year from now?