January 2014

January 2014

The Reset

I remember, as a kid, playing video games and reaching for the reset button when I wanted to start all over. Push a button and PRESTO!!, you were back to the home screen. It was later in life when one of my Sayoc Kali/Filipino Martial Arts Instructors, Guro Rich Smith, told me about the fighter’s reset. The little subconscious physical movements or routines your opponent makes such as tapping their gloves, wiping their nose or sighing a deep breath are all resets. He told me the reset could be disadvantageous if your opponent identified it or advantageous if you made it a calculated routine. Anyone who has boxed him or me may have picked up on the habit of always finishing a combo with a jab (another reset.) There are many metaphorical resets in life, continuing education and in self-improvement. In developing greater self-reliance, understanding the reset is essential. What better time to learn about it than now, the dawn of 2014.

As with the start of a New Year, there will be many New Year’s resolutions made and many broken. A resolution is essentially part of a reset. At a time when we look back over the previous year, we look to see what we can do to improve our lives. It is a time when we revisit the past and revise plans for the future. We look to find improvement through diet, through good thoughts and through our actions. Just like the fighter’s reset, this time of year can work for or against us. We can reset with temporary responses prone to failure or we can implement lifestyle changes we won’t turn back on. Many resolutions are made spur of the moment and are done without much reflection. These become a waste of time and effort. Want to know how to make one worthwhile? Look at the business world. All successful businesses and organizations incorporate some form of S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis in their annual review. Others look to strategies like “lessons learned”, “after actions” or other alliterative titles. There is no reason you can’t adopt one of these corporate strategies to your personal life. Through a systematic ¬†well-thought out approach, you can set new goals for your preparedness, identify your weaknesses, reassess your life and refocus your effort.

Personally, 2013 was a year where I had more than one reset. I experienced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resets. I tested myself through new experiences, traveled extensively, forged new skills, found friendships through business and built stronger relationships with current friends, cut ties with negative influences, experienced success, experienced failure and all throughout, I never lost focus of the what matters in life. My 2013 was excellent and I know I can make my 2014 better yet.

Looking back, this is my 2013 EWE list,

The following courses/events were held:
Emergency Overnight Survival Course
Defensive and Survival Shotgun Course
Primitive Projectiles
Budget Bushcraft Course
Sayoc Kali Hidden Agenda U.S. and U.K.
Pocket Survival Kit Course
First Annual Wilderness Survival and Wellness Field Day at Indian Rock Nature Center
Hybrid Survival/Martial Arts course at Integrated Personal Defense

Information was presented/published:
Published more articles for Self Reliance Illustrated
Appeared on WFSB Better Connecticut in a 3 part series about survival
4-H Science of Survival “Who Lives, Who Dies and Why?” Seminar
Blogged regularly for Mountain Khakis as a Professional Ambassador
This website was created!

My personal training was enhanced through taking more courses
Sayoc Tactical Group Warrior 1.0 Handgun Marksmanship Course
Academi Advanced Highway Driving Course
Sayoc Kali Sama Sama U.S. and U.K.
Sayoc Kali Instructors Weekend

2014 is lining up to be another great year due largely to an effective mental reset. We all have resets, what is yours? Remember, all that you have done does not have to be all you will ever do. Do more in 2014. Think about your goals, think about your dreams, RESET, make a plan and achieve them.

Thank you to all the students, supporters, friends, family and acquaintances that made 2013 a great year. Be safe in your celebrations, enjoy the time you spend with your friends and loved ones and always be in pursuit of knowledge!

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Sunset, while witnessed while on the road in Sweden, is an example of a perfect time to reset your mind