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Kevin Estela

Kevin Estela on location for the History Channel in an un-aired pilot filmed in 2016.

NOTE: Due to the growing demand for my writing and photography as well as work behind the scenes with several companies, I have severely scaled back the courses and training schedule. However, if my schedule allows, I am absolutely willing to work with you to deliver instruction that will make you stronger and more ready to survive. -Kevin

Estela Wilderness Education offers customized instruction in all aspects of bushcraft, survival and preparedness training. With over 10 years of experience as a professional Survival Instructor, Kevin has earned a reputation as a highly-sought after trainer in a wide range of fieldcraft skills. Courses can be any duration in length and are available to groups of varying size. Courses can be any mix of skills (ex. 1/2 traditional bushcraft, 1/2 modern survival) and can be as short as a single day to 14 days in length. Private courses are generally 1-2 people and larger courses are limited to 15 people. Seminars and presentations are available to larger groups but have limited one-on-one instruction due to the size of the group.

Students should have their own basic equipment and Kevin can provide participants with packing lists based on the material taught and likely environmental conditions expected.

Kevin Teaching about emergency and survival concepts

Kevin Teaching about emergency and survival concepts

Customized instruction can include any of the following topics:

-Survival psychology and awareness training

-Survival kits, equipment and use

-Navigation skills (map, compass, and map and compass combined)

-Firecraft (primitive, traditional, modern and unconventional means)


-Water collection, purification and transportation

-Signaling (both visual and audible means)

-Cordage, knots and uses of rope, line, webbing

-Trapping, hunting, fishing and other means of food procurement

-Essential urban survival skills

-Camp cooking

-Vehicle recovery, off-road driving basics and vehicle survival

-Makeshift “game getter” tools and other primitive projectiles

-Basic family camping skills

-Canoeing and kayaking skills

-Backpacking and back country traveling skills

Custom Private Instruction:
-Available upon request.
-Kevin Estela will travel to your location (.25 cents charged per mile round trip by car or exact cost of airfare, luggage and parking fees) on top of the day rate quoted for Private/Semi-Private/Seminar instruction depending on the amount of instruction requested.

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