Emergency Overnight Survival Course

Estela Wilderness Education Emergency Overnight Survival Course

Learn to make emergency shelters like this bent branch style during this course

Emergency Overnight Survival Course:

This seminar is intended to teach participants how to spend an unanticipated night in the woods in relative comfort.


Participants will be instructed in the proper equipment to carry while out on day hikes, fishing, hunting or any other daytime activity. Participants will learn to construct emergency shelters from the land as well as how to use commercially available products for shelter as well. In addition to shelter, a variety of fire starting methods will be demonstrated and practiced along with water collection/purification techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to spend the night in one of the shelters constructed but will have the safeguard of the cabin or tents in case it gets too cold or too rough. There is never shame in learning your limits!


The course will run from Friday evening when participants can show up before the weekend starts and enjoy a cigar around the fire. The course will officially start Saturday and will run through Sunday afternoon before dinner. Participants can expect a hearty home-cooked breakfast on Sunday after the night out.

Estela Wilderness Education Emergency Overnight Course

Learn to spend the unexpected night in the outdoors with the resources nature provides

Participants should pack what they normally would carry in a daypack along with a sleeping bag and sleeping pad for the cabin or tents. 

Cost: $150

“This course is short in duration but it is intended to give the student the essential skills needed to survive with few resources at hand. Regardless of weather or conditions, students will have the opportunity to “survive the night” in reasonably controlled setting. I’m not going to show you everything in this course, just what it takes to get you to morning and on your way home.” –Kevin Estela