Budget Bushcraft Weekend

Estela Wilderness Education Budget Bushcraft Weekend

Bushcraft includes learning how to coax a friction fire coal into a flame

Budget Bushcraft Weekend:

Bushcraft is the art of doing more with less. Considered a hobby by some, a passion by others and philosophy by others still, it is a way of living with nature, not against it. Rather than using the most modern tools to pursue recreation in the outdoors, bushcrafters deliberately use traditional tools like axes, saws and Scandinavian grind knives to work natural materials into shelters, pot hangers, fire lays, spoons and much more. Bushcraft has more to do with observing nature and living deliberately in it than conquering it. You won’t find much “high speed” nylon gear but you will likely see canvas, wool and leather. If you’re interested in the skills of true outdoorsmen, this is the course for you.

Estela Wilderness Education Budget Bushcraft Weekend

Tinder fungus. Know how to use it? Learn its many uses on this course.

Material taught will be knife, saw and axe use, cordage making, pioneer lashing, fire starting, container making, foraging, traditional fishing/trapping/snaring, shelter making, water collection, pot hangers, dutch oven cooking and much more. The curriculum will vary depending on the skill level of the students and all students will be challenged to the proper extent.

Estela Wilderness Education Budget Bushcraft Weekend

The buck saw is an all-important tool for bushcraft. Learn how it’s used.

The Budget Bushcraft Weekend is designed to provide students with an economical way to learn traditional skills found in bushcraft. The cost of this Saturday to Sunday course is kept low and possible by having students responsible for their own meals. That is the only aspect of this course where operating cost is cut as students can expect a a minimum of 12 hours of instruction over 2 days. A minimum of 6 students is necessary for this course to run.

During food prep and mealtime, the instructor will take a “working lunch” or breakfast or dinner and be available to answer any questions that may arise. During lunch, students a chance to sharpen knives and tools, fix gear and hang out while hobby crafting fuzz sticks, traps/triggers, etc. Students are encouraged to eat together and continue the learning process through group discussion and Q/A with the instructor(s).

Estela Wilderness Education Budget Bushcraft Weekend

Learn to make natural containers from off the land.

Students should bring traditional gear for this course. Modern equipment can be used for increased comfort factor. However, a good tarp, metal pot with bail, paracord, saw and a sturdy 4″ fixed blade knife are the bare minimum equipment needed. An extended packing list will be E-mailed to students who register.

Cost: $99

Bushcraft is simply rewarding. You may have some pricey gear but learning how to use nature’s resources to create tools instead of all that gear is priceless. There is something about experiencing nature with traditional tools that takes you back in history to when modern annoyances and “leashes” prevent you from seeing the outdoors the way you should.” –Kevin Estela