November 2014

November 2014
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Thoughts on Every Day Carry or EDC


November 2014 Blog of Education KEY D C

Keys are part of most EDC’s. Firesteel, LED light and a Victorinox Classic add utility.


It has been a year since starting this blog and I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on different topics. I’ve enjoyed sharing my feelings on individual characteristics I consider valuable and have presented the topics I feel are important to developing a strong mindset. In all these months, all these days, I haven’t really discussed a lot of gear. I mean, in one or two blog entries I posted a few photos of some gear I carry but I never really went in depth as to what I consider essential every day carry (often abbreviated EDC). So, I’m going to use this month to discuss the gear I carry on a daily basis and provide some insight as to how to select the EDC that is right for you.

The first rule of EDC, whatever you carry should be determined by the scenarios you recognize as being realistic and what you feel will help address issues in these scenarios. There are a few key aspects to this first rule. You need to recognize the need for carry items. Without a logical and open mind, you will end up leaving essential items at home. To do this, you need to be realistic. There are guys out there who carry gear which is, even for someone like me who lives this, a bit extreme. Carry what is practical and what could be needed rather than what likely won’t be in the most rare scenarios. If you run the risk of allergic reaction, carry an Epi pen and Benadryl. If you live in a wet environment, you should own quality rain gear. Unless you live somewhere with unlimited daylight and no such thing as basements or dark rooms, carry a flashlight or learn to see in the dark. Base your EDC on REAL needs, not fantasy. You will be well served.

November 2014 Blog of Education EDC Gear

Central to any man’s EDC should be at least one good blade. Here is Kev’s Victorinox Spirit and Spartan Blades Akribis Folder

In terms of what I every day carry (in my pockets), I am Filipino and therefore have at least one blade on me. One is a full-size folding knife for heavy duty tasks (Spartan Blades Akribis or Grayman KnivesDua) and one is a multi-tool (Victorinox Spirit) on my belt. Living in a world with wires, screws, nuts and metal, I want the means to cut it, tighten or loosen it, bend it and manipulate it. I also have at least one fire starter on me. As someone who teaches various fire starting skills, I know the pain in the butt it is to do it from scratch. I usually have a zippo lighter (with my company logo) that has a section of bike inner tube around it to preserve the fuel and be used as a flame extender and a ferro rod on my key chain. I also have a quality flashlight (usually my Surefire E2E Defender LED) and a smaller squeeze light. There is generally a watch on my left wrist (Marathon) and a paracord bracelet on my left. In my back pocket is a Filson leather wallet with emergency cash and a length of kevlar braided thread and in the other pocket is a hankerchief or bandanna. As long as I don’t lose it, I also keep a small tube of chap stick in one pocket and since I’m a slave for technology, I always have my Samsung Galaxy S4 with me. Communication is overlooked in EDC and I value the ability to make calls, surf the web and keep up to date with my social media outlets. I don’t have any medical conditions and therefore don’t carry pills. If I did, I would absolutely have them on me. I also didn’t post I carry a handgun daily as I do work in a school and can’t legally carry there. Believe me, I would gladly be the first in line to qualify for that responsibility if it were an option. When I can, I do carry one as well as one reload. I also didn’t list the shoulder bags I have near me throughout the day. In these I have more extensive kits with redundant gear as well as other gear to address first-aid (packed with more trauma items than ouchie boo boo stuff), wires and batteries for my phone/electronics, note pads as I do a lot of writing and extra clothing for training and the weather.

November 2014 Blog of Education

Kevin’s Marathon watch, paracord bracelet and cellphone. You never know when you will need certain items.

If you carry something on you one day and not another, can you really call it EDC? Everyday, I stuff my pockets with what I listed above and at then end of the day, I put it back into the same container. What I carry may not fit your lifestyle, your body or your taste. That is fine and I won’t tell you my gear is the final word in what should be EDC’ed. I will tell you again, find what works for you and base your gear on what you see as realistic needs. If you know you could need something and deliberately choose to leave it at home, you won’t get any sympathy from me. You just volunteered yourself to be a victim.

One final word on EDC gear, as my friend and EWE Associate Instructor Lt. Mike puts it, ” You need to have the tool set AND the skill set”. Understand your gear can be lost so always back it up with skills.

Here is to the first year of the EWE Blog of Education and to all the fans of this page. Keep reading and carrying that EDC gear. Maybe next year at this time it will change or maybe it is a true EDC item you don’t want to leave home without.