Pack-Based Budget Bushcraft Starting Fall 2017

Pack-Based Budget Bushcraft

The popular Budget Bushcraft class is back for 2017. This time around, Budget Bushcraft will focus on the bushcraft pack. Students will be encouraged to operate out of a minimalist pack over the course of the weekend for a more “in-touch” experience with the outdoors. The objective of this change is to prepare students for advanced travel in the backcountry where resupply (i.e. walking back to a car or house) is not possible. What does this change? Well, instead of doing multiple trips back to nearby parked vehicles, the goal is to have everything needed within the pack carried. There will be a lot of self-discovery but little self-suffering. Students will learn what they can get by with and what is unnecessary weight. No one will be deprived of water, food, shelter or other necessities.  What doesn’t change? The quality of instruction, the number of teaching hours Kevin will provide students, students providing their own food and of course, the weekend of instruction is only $99. Yes, $99 if you are unfamiliar with this event.

Fiddleback Forge Bush Hermit and Fuzz Stick

A fuzz stick AKA feather stick will challenge your knife skills.

Bushcraft is about being able to adapt to your environment. Instead of bringing equipment from the outside world to camp, instructors and students will utilize what is available in the surrounding woods.There will be a lot of carving and woodcraft with knives, saws and hatchets. For 2017, students will build various tarp shelters, one natural materials “group shelter”, bannock (what EWE course would be complete without it?), a camp kitchen with natural utensils, and much more. Each Budget Bushcraft is different and there have been many students who have taken the course multiple times as there is always something new to learn. Even the EWE Associate Instructors learn each time they are in attendance.

EWE Associate Instructors

EWE Associate Instructors Lt. Mike and Big John

The following is a list of gear suggested by Kevin for this training event originally posted to Facebook. Students are encouraged to modify and adapt this to their individual needs.

A basic packing list will follow but for now plan on having
1. A knife or a collection of cutting tools (knife, saw, Swiss Army)
2. Water bottle and metal nesting cup
3. Fire starter (3/8″ ferro rod and tinder)
4. 6’x8′ or larger tarp
5. 50′ paracord and a roll of jute twine
6. Flashlight/headlamp
7. Whistle and mirror (to be carried at all times)
8. First Aid Kit
9. Compass (need not be high-end)
10. Food and drink (Go with Mt. House if you want to pack light)

Budget Bushcraft Food

Heavy Cover Titanium Canteen, Center-Line Systems Mother Canteen Pouch and Mountain House Food. Camp life luxuries!

Misc. Gear
Pack a good notepad, pen, camera to scribe what you learn. Appropriate clothing for the weather is obviously important. Since we will be camping out, a 20 degree bag and CLOSED CELL sleeping pad is recommended. Treat clothes and sleeping bag with Permethrin and use bug dope on yourself when you’re there. Bring anything you want to test but don’t pack too heavy. We’ll add more to this list as the date nears.”

There will be very limited gear to share. Students who participate in this course should show up prepared with the basics.

The first Pack-Based Budget Bushcraft is kicking off on September 15 through 17, 2017 near Illion, NY.  Please E-mail to sign up. More information about this course is available on the Estela Wilderness Education Facebook Page under Events.

See you there!

Please Note: Kevin recently passed 100 published magazine articles and the demand for his work is growing. As a result, the courses he offers have been drastically cut back to focus on writing. Also, due to limited availability, spaces are limited on courses and courses fill up quickly. Should you want to hire Kevin for private or group instruction, please contact him at 

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