Book Review: Extreme Wilderness Survival

Extreme Wilderness Survival

“The following review was cut from an article I wrote from American Survival Guide. I strongly believe in Craig’s book and was disappointed it didn’t appear in the issue. That’s not going to stop me from posting it here. You should check out this book. It gets an Estela two thumbs up!” -Kevin Estela

Craig Caudill, Founder and Owner of the Nature Reliance School is a Contributing Author to American Survival Guide. Craig, a lifelong outdoorsman,skilled tracker, and martial artist, has compiled a new book for 2017 called Extreme Wilderness Survival that offers a glimpse into his philosophy of survival and instruction. Craig’s book does not lure readers into the hype and over exaggeration of some texts but rather provides a very authentic and practical approach to dealing with realistic survival scenarios.

Extreme Wilderness Survival includes a lengthy introduction on survival mindset, the power and importance of awareness and how proper prior planning will prevent many situations in the first place. Craig covers skill sets before he even mentions any equipment and also discusses the need to be equally prepared in terms of self-defense as you are in your ability to make a fire. Afterall, survival skills are more than those meant for the wilderness and we are potentially as likely to face a human foe as we are a wild animal or emergency situation.

As you read through Extreme Wilderness Survival, you realize Caudill provides you with a formula, a routine, to develop yourself continually. He encourages the reader to form their own survival strategies and plans and even includes a section on the realities of solo survival vs that of a larger group working as one. His words suggest the reader should personalize their training and kit to their needs, not those of someone else. Craig explains the realities of short-term survival and the difficulties of long-term survival. It isn’t until the very end of the book when he finally addresses the gear one should carry. Gear can be lost, broken, stolen or forgotten whereas the skills and knowledge Craig provides can be carried in your mind.

Overall, this book is an excellent read filled with essential knowledge and devoid of sensational survival hype. Craig is a reputable instructor with solid skills and a knack for getting the most out of his students. This book isn’t a replacement for one of his courses but it is one of the best books you’ll find on the subject of survival instruction today.

Publisher: Page Street Publishing Company
MSRP: $21.99
ISBN: 978-1-62414-336-6

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