Kevin Estela teams up with Joel Lambert of “Lone Target” on Discovery for Web Project

In the next few weeks, ┬áthe host of the Discovery Channel’s show “Lone Target” and former Navy SEAL, Joel Lambert, will be launching a new website Joel is incorporating information from a select group of authors, experts in various fields and backgrounds, to make this site one of a kind. According to Joel, the authors are “SEAL buds, SAS guys, MI-6 etc.”. Topics ranging from tracking and counter tracking, wilderness survival, primitive skills, blade selection/use, gear reviews, weapons and tactics, the Discovery Channel shows and much more will be featured. Joel recently asked me to team up with him on this venture and I enthusiastically accepted. I’ve known Joel for a couple years and am impressed with his ability and character. I know this new site will not disappoint!

Kevin Estela and Joel Lambert

Joel Lambert (Left) and Kevin Estela (Right) discuss the attributes of the Sayoc/Winkler RnD tomahawk in Los Angeles in the Summer of 2012


Kevin Estela and Joel Lambert in LA

Kevin Estela and Joel Lambert discussing survival and evasion

I first met Joel back in 2012 in Los Angeles. I was out there on business taking general meetings, meeting producers for drinks and shopping ideas around. A good friend, Zee, asked me to meet up with a friend (Joel) about some wilderness survival topics, tomahawk use and general know how. I showed up, we drank coffee and talked about the pre-production of “Manhunt”, the international name for “Lone Target”, and the atributes of the Sayoc Kali/Winkler Knives RnD Tomahawk. I explained a way to carry the hawk based on an old article found in American Survival Guide from the late 90’s, my experience in using it based on my Sayoc Kali training,how the beak of the blade improves cutting and penetration and a few other ways to utilize the attributes of the blade which I’ve learned through teaching survival skills. We shot the proverbial you know what and then I was off to meet up with another friend on the set of Bones. Little did I know this brief encounter would lead to this.

I kept in touch with Joel over the next couple years and was happy and enthusiastic when Lone Target came out. The show came out great and the second season has been announced (WAY TO GO BUDDY!). We messaged back and forth over Facebook and Twitter about the show and how everything worked out. Prior to heading back out to Los Angeles in 2014, Joel reached out to me, told me about the project then put me in touch with his webmaster. He introduced me to the webmaster as a “Wilderness guru, high fieldcraft munga munga and blade guy” which I could live with. We met up again at Sayoc Kali’s Sama Sama annual gathering and discussed other projects we both have in the works and the content for this site. Joel told me the entries are going to be simple single ideas that are covered thoroughly by the authors. We discussed a few topics lined up and how they will be presented. Again, this meet up was quick and I was yet again on my way out to meet up with a production company for a show idea and to tour Northern California for a business/pleasure trip.

Kevin Estela and Joel Lambert in Los Angeles 2014

Kevin Estela and Joel Lambert in Los Angeles 2014

The new website is coming out soon. I’ll be busy providing content for it and I know Joel will be crisscrossing the globe for Discovery. The combination of Joel’s skills and mine will surely not disappoint. Get ready for REAL skills and REAL knowledge from guys who actually own their craft. You won’t find posers on

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